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Why Should I Plan Ahead

Why Should I Plan Ahead

All the events during your stay in the world shall be planned ahead to eliminate any confusions and uncertainties regarding respective decisions. Planning ahead is the process of determining and recording the decisions according to your wishes when the need arises on its due time. By planning ahead, you make sure that all your wishes are met without putting your loved ones into any kind of trouble.

There is nothing strange about it

Although many people like to ignore the only certainty of life and opt to go with the flow, there is nothing strange in planning ahead in case of sudden collapse. Instead of following societal and communal superstitions, it is way better to give importance to your loved ones and your wishes accordingly.

●       It is simple and easy

To save you the embarrassment of going through detailed medical tests and personal information forms, you are required to fill a simple questionnaire only. Anyone who has made up his mind for planning ahead simply has to fill an easy questionnaire. The filled questionnaire is attached to your file and safely stored with other requests. At the time of need, all the decisions will be made according to the answers on your questionnaire and the information written in your personal file.

●       Anyone can pre-plan

Pre-planning is free from all sorts of gender and racial restrictions. The only requirement for stepping into planning ahead is wise and critical thinking. Ask yourself if something was to happen to you ever who will take care of it?  The person who comes to your mind as an answer is certainly the one who cares a lot about you and it will be unfair to put him in such a difficult situation. There is no age limit associated with planning ahead either. All you have to do is think, decide and go through a simple procedure whenever you are okay with it.

●       Let your final wishes be known

It is very hard for a family to take strict decisions on behalf of a close family member. Unfortunately, in the time of need, the member who is closest to the calamity struck is usually asked to make onerous decisions for the said person. These decisions are often related to life care, memorial service and money matters. Planning ahead will save your loved ones from going through an excruciating governing process. It allows you to express your final wishes and the need to follow them accordingly.

●       Make your own decisions

Funeral Planning ahead lets you decide your final rituals according to your own wishes. You can pick from several options in compliance with your personal and religious beliefs. The funeral homes and memorial service providers will do everything according to your selected options. It is guaranteed that all your final decisions will be respected and complied with as a result of proper pre-planning you did on the right time.

●       Save your closed ones from money trouble

While you are determining all your wishes, why not resolve the money matter as well? All of us are aware of the fact that memorial services cost a good deal of money. Your family and your loved ones know it. Despite the fact that you have got loved ones who will step up in time of need, it is better to save them from the trouble. None of knows what the future keeps and how inflation can affect the costs. Planning ahead will eliminate all the anxiety regarding the future by resolving your costs as well.

●       Pre-payment or not, it’s up to you

Once you have recorded your decisions and plans, it is now time to decide who will be paying for the memorial expenses; you or your family? There is absolutely no restriction for you to deposit a pre-payment. If you decide not to deposit a pre-fund, your family will bear the costs at the time of your demise. Whereas if you submit a pre-payment, your money will go into a state-approved trust account from where it will be drawn and spent at the time of your cessation.

●       No need for re-paying for things you have already paid for

Funeral and memorial homes, in case of pre-payment, do not charge extra money in case of inflation during the time of need. Once you have paid for the things and services, there remains no need for your family to pay the extra dues which come as a result of future increase in prices.

●       Your pre-plan will follow you everywhere

Planning ahead does not restrict you to only one residential location. After recording you plan, if you move to somewhere else, your plan and included instructions will follow you there as well. In such cases, the funeral home forwards your file to the one which located nearest to your location and the events take place according to your pre-determined wishes.

Let funeral homes help you in Pre-planning

Memorial Funeral homes are the key source which can guarantee your plan as well as funds safety. If you are looking for timely implementation of your decisions at the time of your decease, you should contact with trusted memorial funeral homes.

●       You can trust them

These homes are usually registered in the state government record and therefore, there remains no doubt in their credibility. The pre-payments are safely locked in a state-verified account and your plan records are also well taken care of by these homes.

●       Pick from several payment options

Memorial funeral homes offer several payment options. You can pick the one which is most suitable and affordable for you.

What to begin with

Planning ahead is a short but lifelong, step-by-step process. Once you have committed your mind and heart to planning ahead, it is advised that you discuss it with your family. When all is sorted out, go to a memorial funeral home, ask for and fill a simple questionnaire. Let someone close be aware of your decisions and submit it in the respective funeral home after picking your options.

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